Presenting the Visual Arts for Career fair at St.George's University

I felt really proud to be asked to do a Visual Arts presentation yesterday for Career Day 2017! It’s a great sign that the Arts are being recognized as a viable career option in the Caribbean! Thank you SGU and Rotaract Club Grenada for the invitation to connect with youth! #movingforward #convertingthemasses #stgeorgesuniversity #careerday2017

Creating "Power Bowls" and "Positive Paperweights" with Sweet Water Foundation

Always a pleasure teaching art with the participants of the Rise Program!  This program was created by the Sweet Water Foundation, it is a group psychotherapy Program for Adolescent Girls, age 12 – 18, who have experienced or been affected by sexual abuse. Because of the nature of this program I always try to focus on the positive, healing aspects of art. I want these girls to create art that would empower them and act as symbols of hope and encouragement.
In the Caribbean, some of our ancestors ate out of calabash bowls, I wanted the girls to not only connect with a historical and cultural aspect of our Caribbean background but to paint their own ornamental bowls with symbols that made them happy. 

Summer art class with the Venezuelan Institute Grenada

I volunteered with this art programme over the summer and taught this group of youngsters (6-8 yrs old)  how to paint /personalize their very own bamboo pencil cup holders. They were very excited to create something different and functional. It was also a good opportunity to introduce the kids to sustainable materials that we have on the island. I like teaching art classes where kids get to explore, have fun but also create functional products that they can use in their everyday life! Children in the Caribbean don't usually have access to art classes or materials so just giving them supplies to experiment with, is a luxury. Encouraging young children to learn and express themselves through art, remains a very rewarding experience.

Art program at the new Grenada Community Library

Facilitating art classes at our new library. All kids should have access to art.
To learn more about the Grenada Community Library go here!

Fun art session with the girls at Camp GLOW(Girls leading our world)

The theme was self-expression and each girl got their own puzzle piece to design. The idea was to see their beauty as individuals and also as a learning, growing functional group through their camp experience.Learn more about Camp GLOW here!