Art program at the new Grenada Community Library

Facilitating art classes at our new library. All kids should have access to art.
To learn more about the Grenada Community Library go here!

Fun art session with the girls at Camp GLOW(Girls leading our world)

The theme was self-expression and each girl got their own puzzle piece to design. The idea was to see their beauty as individuals and also as a learning, growing functional group through their camp experience.Learn more about Camp GLOW here!

REACH GRENADA Summer Art Camp 2014

I can't believe that the last time I posted here was for the summer art camp 2013! So I'm backkkk and doing the camp with 5 foster care homes this year. The kids are older, more confident and if possible even more creative.
So far we have created fingerprint paintings,carnival hats(timely as it's Carnival time here in Grenada), gorgeous pop up cards,rainbow fish and graffiti style names. This art camp has been the best part of my summer so far, there is nothing more rewarding than creating art with kids. Nothing.


Summer Art Programme REACH GRENADA

Through the REACH Grenada programme, I had the opportunity to facilitate some art classes for children from select foster homes.
As usual I found Grenadian kids to be exceptionally talented. They are engaging, full of ideas and not afraid to push boundaries, which of course resulted in some really imaginative creations!

Art / Dance Therapy session Grenada

One of my favorite things in the world is creating art with children, not only because of the obvious fun factor but because of the relaxing, educational and even therapeutic impact it can have on a young developing mind.
So when the GNCD (Grenada National Council of the Disabled) contacted me about doing an art session with the Harmony Summer Dance Camp (founded by Vanessa Aird) I started brainstorming on what I can do with these young dancers.

On the day of the session we got our paint ready:

 Then built a pathway of paper:

I applied the paint randomly and then told the girls to dance their way down the pathway:

These instructions were met with great enthusiasm, laughter and killer dance moves. 
Together their movements were permanently captured in paint as they shared a bonding experience and understanding that along the way input from all is what made the art beautiful.

To conclude the session each girl left their signature move on a piece of stretched canvas:

After our pathway dried and was pulled apart each young lady got to take home a piece of their work including one very happy facilitator who was lucky enough to get the piece below. :)

A very big thank you to Hillary Gabriel, Stephanie Rouch and Vanessa Aird for inviting me to participate in this camp.
The Harmony Summer Dance Camp is having a showcase this coming Sat July 20 th, 4 -5 pm  at the MarryShow House so please go and support these young ladies.
And to all who may read this, remember we are never too old to kick off our shoes and dance around in some paint !

Working on WOMA 2012

So the WOMA engines have revved up and we have started the process of creating our 2012 exhibition.
This year we have opened our call to all Caribbean artists and we are already excited to see the submissions  that are coming in ! Stay tuned.

And the mural is on the wall

So the mural for the Grand Anse Playgroup is officially on the wall.
From friendly Mr. Snake, to the black and yellow squishy caterpillars and the peekaboo crabs, the kids deemed it a success !