WOMA's feature in Repeating Islands Blog

We have been so grateful for all the wonderful press we have received for WOMA
From tv spots (Lexann and GBN), to local newspaper articles and online blogs.
Check out our most recent feature on Repeating Islands blog !
Thank you all for spreading the word on WOMA !

WOMA Opening

 Well we did it ! WOMA successfully opened on Friday 11th of March !
The gallery was packed with about 200 people and we even sold some pieces on opening night !
The journey continues as we are opened for two more weeks, if you are in Grenada  you can't miss this. 

Some pics from the night are below but check out the rest of our album on the WOMA facebook page.






We received plenty of interesting submissions for the WOMA show this past weekend !
Next up - press and hanging of show !